The Rush Way

Driven by purpose and passion, committed to achieving excellence.

The Way We Do Things Here:
– Committed to the Cause – Through quality coaching, sound leadership, and absolute sincerity, Rush Soccer will work tirelessly to be the best soccer club in the state. Our commitment to the club will be demonstrated through our desire to work hard, put others first, develop our youth, and ultimately build a program emphasizing the process so we can be proud of the outcome…year in and year out.
– Excellence and Quality Matter – People are always looking at Rush to set the next standard and we commit to uphold these expectations and to follow the curriculum set forth by leadership. We vow to have a teachable spirit and to seek advice so as to improve, grow, and excel in delivering a top quality program for our athletes. 
– Lead By Example To Develop Tomorrow’s Leaders – We accept the responsibility of teaching life lessons to our athletes to further their growth inside and outside the game and to model effective leadership to our athletes. As leaders within our club, we are willing to serve others and to sacrifice our own interests for the greater good of the club.
– Passion and Purpose Drive Us – We are committed to making soccer an enjoyable, safe, and rewarding experience for everyone involved. Our desire is that our teams reflect this passion and purpose both off the field as greater members of the Rush community and on the field as players who play with joy, with intent, and who look to improve on age appropriate curriculum.
– R-E-S-P-E-C-T – We believe that everyone should be afforded an equal opportunity to explore their potential and participate in challenging circumstances that will yield positive results. Respect the opportunity. Respect yourself, Respect one another. Respect opponents. Respect officials. Respect the rules.