Pre-Comp U9 & U10

The Alaska Rush U9 & U10 Pre-Competitive Program is a bridge for our U9-U10 players to transition into competitive soccer.

The program provides a professional level training program for U9 and U10 boys and girls. The program is designed to introduce and develop the individual player’s technical skills with the ball and to stimulate his/her desire to play soccer competitively in a team environment. The program will provide a quality soccer education and healthy competition in a setting that promotes creativity and encourages players to take risks and improvise without fear of mistakes.

For more information, please see below or contact our Technical Director Brian Lux.

U9-U10 Information Sheet

General Information

This is the general outline of our pre-competitive offerings for our U9-U10 players. 


U9-U10 boys and girls are able to participate in this program.


Each age and gender will have a full pre-competitive team. Roster sizes for the U9-U10 teams will be 12 players. As we look to continue to build our teams and our club, we will have larger training groups of players in these age groups. If we have enough to enter multiple teams into events we will do so to ensure each player is having the full experience and receiving adequate game time. Teams will train twice each week through winter and summer and will participate in the UAYSL League, Alaska Airlines Cup and State Cup. Additional tournaments and training will be dependent on each team and their head coach.


The coaching staff for our current cycle can be found here.


The basic schedule will be as follows:

September/October: Program signups/HS soccer season

October-December: Training and in-house Futsal

January-April: Training and UAYSL leagues, additional events

May-September: UAYSL leagues, AAC, potential additional events


The total fee for the program will be $650 for the winter session and $650 for the summer session. Those payments can be paid in full or over a payment plan. The fee includes all of the following:

Item/Event  Description
Alaska Airlines Cup Program registration includes entry into the biggest tournament in Alaska, including over 100 teams with many college coaches in attendance. 
UAYSL Summer League This league runs from June-August and concludes just before the State Cup. Potential for the league to extend into September based on the number of teams and players available.
UAYSL Winter League This league runs from January until the end of February leading up to the high school season.
Summer Training 2 sessions per week at Lloyd Steele Park
Fall Training 2 sessions per week at Lloyd Steele (weather dependent)
Winter Training 2 sessions per week at Fox Hollow Dome with an additional Friday training option
Coaches Fees Program registration includes all coaches fees

What is not included in the registration fee?

Any additional tournaments/events that the team may attend.