Alaska Rush Financial Aid

Alaska Rush Soccer Club endeavors to provide opportunities for all who want to play the beautiful game. We will always do everything within our power to ensure players are able to play and financial restrictions do not become barriers to participation.

If you are looking to file for financial assistance, please complete the form below and someone will be in touch soon.

Dear Applicant, thank you for your interest in Alaska Rush. Our financial aid funds are not unlimited but we will do our best to help so that you can participate. Our desire is that no player is unable to be a part of the Rush! Please complete and submit this application to Joel Castro, Please provide the following information to complete this application.

  1. Prior year federal tax information or tax returns (including W-2 information).  If you have not yet filed last year’s return, you can still submit your application but you must provide your W-2 (if you’re unemployed please provide the appropriate documentation).  
  2. Records of untaxed income, such as Social Security benefits, Food Stamps, welfare benefits, free or reduced school lunch fee program, temporary assistance for needy families, etc.

All information submitted to our office is confidential and is used for the sole purpose of determining a player’s eligibility to receive financial aid. Failure to submit the required information may result in a rejected application.

By completing this form (below), I hereby declare that all information contained in the application is accurate. I authorize Alaska Rush to perform any due diligence to determine the accuracy of the information I have submitted. I understand that the submission of false information will render me ineligible to receive Alaska Rush Financial Aid Funds.

Financial Aid Submission